Wood Green Escorts

Wood Green Escorts is pleased to offer a comprehensive escort service. Based in Wood Green, we are the expert to show you all the attractions, and bring you everywhere you want.

Wood Green is located in the North London. The big attraction you must go is the Alexandra Palace, which is in the Alexandra Park. In 1873, the Alexandra Palace was built as a center for education, recreation and entertainment. With the Crystal Palace at South London, they are the counterparts in London. In 1936, BBC operated the Alexandra Palace, “the People’s Palace” to be the headquarters of high definition television service, which was the first regular public service in the world. Nowadays, the radio tower and the original Studios still survive. If you are interested in looking the television equipment in the past, you can go to the producers’ galleries in south-east wing, which Wood Green Escorts definitely can guide you.

In addition to the modern design of the radio stations, the Alexandra Palace also has the traditional English style Buildings. With the Palace, there is the Victorian theatre, which her stage structure is in English style. In 1996, the Hornsey Historical Society graded as Grade II listed building, which shall be worth for you to visit. Wood Green Escorts is willing to commit every effort to serve you; therefore, we found a series of hotels that located in the area between Wood Green and Hornsey, Muswell Hill, which is convenient for you to visit the Alexandra Palace.

The other attraction from the Wood Green is shopping. You can do a lot of shopping in the world class shopping malls. With the help from Wood Green Escorts, we understand that what are worth to buy from the Wood Green. We can guide you to the shopping malls, such as Shopping City complex, which is located in the High Road. With the tickets arranged by us in advance, you shall be happy to visit the major shops, restaurants, a market hall, and a multiscreen cinema. With the good business relationship of the Wood Green Escorts with the shops, you might have the discount from them. Therefore, you can enjoy the free shopping style in the Wood Green.

If you love art galleries, the Wood Green is capable to offer several festivals with long history, such sa the annual Literature Festival, the Wood Green International Short Film Festival, which was founded in 2002. In addition, the events and exhibitions from the Chocolate Factory are also a famous attraction in the Wood Green, which is a group of professionals in musicians, artists, film-makers, etc.

As a reliable escort in the Wood Green, the Wood Green Escorts is proud to arrange everything you need for your vacation. From your accommodation such as hotels, to the transportation such as the transport between hotel and the Alexandra Palace, we provide a comprehensive service to you. If you have not been in the Wood Green, and would like to ask questions, you are encouraged to send request to us. We promise to reply you as soon as possible.