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Located in the London Borough of Barnet, the Whetstone is at the east of Totteridge. Together with Totteridge, the region is the 63rd richest area in the England.

Whetstone has long history, starting from the medieval times. Going to North from London, the Whetstone was a critical staging post. The stagecoaches could stay into the inn near the Griffin pub. The buildings you can find on the left of the pub were built in the 15th century. If you love to investigate history or explore the historical buildings in the medieval times, the Whetstone is the best place for you. Travel to the Whetstone is sometimes difficult for you, because of lack of transportation. You might waste your time to find suitable transportation. The Whetstone Escorts is the expert in Whetstone; we can arrange the transportation to you from the hotel to those historical buildings. Therefore, you will feel convenient with our service.

At the corner of Totteridge Lane, there were more historical buildings in the 19th century, where is opposite to the Griffin pub. However, in 2001, some buildings were demolished. Visiting to those historical buildings, you can understand the culture in the medieval times.

The name of Whetstone might be come from the abundant whetstone found in the High Road or the pavement near the Griffin pub. Whetstone is the stone that used to sharpen any tools, especially the knives. Next time, when you have chances to go to the Whetstone, you shall visit the featuring whetstone. Those shall be easy to find. The Whetstone Escorts is also happy to tour you if you have any questions for you tour in the Whetstone.

Whetstone is near the Totteridge, which is a traditional and old English village. Having a chance to visit the Whetstone, you are encouraged also to visit the Totteridge. The Totteridge is a protected residential area in the London Borough of Barnet. If you would like to enjoy a mix of open land and suburban development, the Totteridge is a best location for you. The Whetstone Escorts is an expert to arrange everything for you. If you would like to arrange a trip to Whetstone together with the Totteridge, the Whetstone Escorts is good to arrange the hotels and transportation between Whetstone and Totteridge. Therefore, you can spend more time to enjoy the old village style in the Totteridge.

Finding restaurants or pubs in the Whetstone is not difficult. There are restaurants with different cuisines, which shall suit your need. Having the dinner in the Whetstone, you can enjoy the wonderful view with the historical buildings from medieval times. The Whetstone is featuring with pubs in different styles, you can invite your friends to watch football, happy hour, etc. The Whetstone Escorts is happy to arrange the rice restaurants for you, therefore, you do not need to worry that you miss the chances to visit nice restaurants.