Totteridge Escorts

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Totteridge is a traditional and old village in London, which is a protected residential area in the London Borough of Barnet. It is a mix of open land and suburban development. Having a chance to the old village in North London, you can understand the historical buildings in the old time of London.

The boundary of the Totteridge to the east and north is the Dollis Brook, which that to the south is the Folly Brook, which is the river’s tributary. These rivers set the area included by the residents’ association. The remaining area, which is the south area is regarded as the Woodside Park. If you love to visit the featuring rivers in the Totteridge, the Totteridge Escorts is good to arrange everything for you, such as transportation, accommodation, restaurants. We can arrange the hotels that near the boundary of the Totteridge, therefore, you can save much time in transportation, and spend more time in enjoy the wonderful scene.

In 1250, the Saint Andrew’s church built in the ancient circle site. The churchyard is equipped with the rounded boundaries, which is the ancient meeting place and underlying mote. It also contains the ancient yew tree, which have more than 2000-years’ history. In 1790-1791, church services have been done in the Tithe Barn, where there was a church renovation. In the seventeenth century, the Laurel Farm barn and the West End House barn were built. Now the barns are converted to the private houses. Buildings with timber framed in Rose Cottage and Willow House. In the Totteridge, you shall visit the churches, which are must-seen attractions. You can understand the culture of churches in old time, by visiting the historical buildings. In addition, the natural resources, such as the yew tree with more than 2000 years old, shall make you unbelievable. You cannot find such scene from other locations in London, and even locations from other countries.

Whetstone is near the Totteridge. Whetstone has long history, starting from the medieval times. Going to North from London, the Whetstone was a critical staging post. The stagecoaches could stay into the inn near the Griffin pub. The buildings you can find on the left of the pub were built in the 15th century. If you love to investigate history or explore the historical buildings in the medieval times, the Whetstone is the best place for you. Travel to the Whetstone is sometimes difficult for you, because of lack of transportation. You might waste your time to find suitable transportation. The Totteridge Escorts is the expert in Totteridge; we can arrange the transportation to you from the hotel to those historical buildings. Therefore, you will feel convenient with our service.

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