Tottenham Escorts

Based in Tottenham, the Tottenham Escorts is specialized to offer a variety of escort services, such local tour, transportation, booking of hotels and restaurants. Our commitment is to focus on customer achievement. Therefore, we offer a lot of tailor made services.

Tottenham is in the area of the London Borough of Haringey, which is the north of London. The population in the Tottenham is multicultural. The most significant populations are African-Caribbean people. From the Windrush era, those people were the first immigrant in the Tottenham. Therefore, Tottenham is rich of African-Caribbean culture. Many Ghanaians were then migrated into the area. After that, slow immigration happened in this region, including the Albanian Colombians, Kurdish, Congolese, Turkish-Cypriot, Somali, Turkish, Portuguese and Irish populations. There are more than 300 languages are available in the South Tottenham.

Tottenham also has some traditional buildings, such as the Hallows Church, which have more than 700 years history. The Church is still here for you to visit. Near the church is the Tottenham Cemetery, which is an open area and bear All Hallows Churchyard and Bruce Castle Park. When you come to this region, you will feel the peace and relax. You are encouraged to come here, because you can have quick understanding of the culture or religion of the Tottenham. The Tottenham Escorts is the best to arrange a local tour introducing the history and background of the Hallows Church. Equipped with the transportation and accommodation, you will save much time and feel comfortable for your vacation.

In Tottenham, there is a Grade 1 listed manor house, the Bruce Castle, Lordship Lane. During the 17th century, the 2nd Lord Coleraine, who was the Lord of the Manor, gave the name of “Bruce Castle”. Afterwards, the Hill family purchased the whole building and ran her as a school. Now it became as a local history museum. Having a visit to this historical attraction, you shall feel the excellent history. Since she is a Grade 1 listed manor house, the design of the building is traditional. You are encouraged to take some photos with your loved one and your family.

There is a lot of green spaces in the Tottenham, such as the Broadwater Farm. In 1985, the site of the Broadwater Farm riot, which was built in 1967 as the housing estate. In addition, the Tottenham has the Tower Gardens Estate, which was previously known as the LCC White Hart Lane Estate. In 1904, the LCC cottage housing estate built. The style of the buildings is in Ghent, Belgium. Now, the famous music hall star, Harry Champion owns the estate.

Therefore, there are a lot of attractions you must go to visit in the Tottenham. If you love to feel the old culture of Hallows Church, there are a lot for you. You shall carefully plan your trip in order to avoid missing. If you need our help to plan your trip, we are happy to do so. We can help to prepare the nearby hotels and transportation for you.