Stoke Newington Escorts

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Stoke Newington is in the London Borough of Hackney, which is 5 miles from Charing Cross. Stoke Newington has abundant open space. At the north, there is the famous West Reservoir, which open for public of leisure and covered by green space. The reservoir, in the past, was the main pumping station. However, now, it is not a working facility.

At the south, there is Clissold Park, which is a parkland with a small menagerie, aviary and Clissold Mansion. The Clissold Mansion is a Grade II listed building in the 1790s. Therefore, from the North to the South, you can wonderful scenes in the Stoke Newington. If you can spend more time in the Stoke Newington, you are encouraged to deeply visit those locations. The Stoke Newington Escorts is also happy to guide you during your trip. We can help you to arrange the transportation, buying tickets and even book your hotels.

Stoke Newington played an important role for water supply to London in the16th century. New River from Hugh Myddleton still makes a supply to the London’s water. The river ended at the New River Head in Finsbury. In 1946, the main flow ended at Stoke Newington reservoirs, which past the West Reservoir to a stretch on Green Lanes. There is a river bank, the New River Path, which can be walked. You are encouraged to walk through the river bank and enjoy the romantic atmosphere with your loved one.

In 1833, the Stoke Newington Reservoirs were constructed, which was mainly used for water reserve and to purify water from the New River. Now, the West Reservoir is open for public and so equipped with leisure facility, such as sailing, water sports and canoeing. Originally, the filter house became a visitor center. You can still find the old hydraulic machinery in the main hall. In 1995, the pumping station changed to climbing centre. Therefore, you shall not feel boring when you are the Stoke Newington Reservoirs.

In addition to the water board facilities, the New River also has two large ornamental lakes. They are the lovely home for terrapins and many water birds. Therefore, if you love to watch the natural scenes or animals, the two lakes will be the best locations for you. The Stoke Newington Escorts is good to have local tour with you, our tour is equipped with specialists in animal study. Therefore, they can explain with you the features of the animals living around the lakes.

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