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Stamford Hill is a region in the London Borough of Hackney, which is the North of London. The Stamford Hill is famous for the largest population of Adeni Jewish and Hasidic Jewish in Europe.

Located on the Ermine Street, which was the old Roman road, the Stamford Hill is on the high ground above Stoke Newington. From the medieval village in Clopton, there is a road crossing the Stamford Hill. The road status is deteriorated by the wagons or horses. In 1713, some maintenance has been done for the road. Since there is a gate between the Stamford Hill and Kingsland to collect the tolls, the road seems be the start of your vacation to the Stamford Hill. When you visit to the Stamford Hill next time, please be aware to this special road. The Stamford Hill Escorts is the professional to offer escorts service, such as the transportation, arranging hotels, etc. When you join our local tour, we definitely will locate you with the road.

With more than 100 years, the Stamford Hill has been well developed with prosperous dwellings. With the need in burgeoning population, the London Road is a busy road to serve the crazy commercial center. In addition to the busy roads, the Stamford Hill is an important interchange. Connecting with the Hackney tram system, tram came from north through the city. Therefore, you are suggested to visit this critical interchange and feel the high pressure from here. Since the Stamford Hill is convenient for everyone to come here, the Stamford Hill Escorts makes use of this benefit and arrange transportation from the railway stations to the hotels.

As mentioned above, the Stamford Hill has the largest population of Adeni Jewish and Hasidic Jewish in Europe, including the Montefiore family. Starting from the 1880s, Jews rushed into the area because they would like to escape the poverty of the East End in Stepney. In 1915, in order to adapt the growing population, the New Synagogue was transferred, and became part of the Stamford Hill. In 1926, the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations was established, and attracts other strictly observant Jews, mainly from the fleeing Nazi persecution before World War II. In addition, many refugees of Jewish families arrived to this area for post-war clearances and build new houses. This is a special area in London, that with the largest population of Adeni Jewish and Hasidic Jewish. Through communicating with them, you shall understand the culture and how they came here. You shall also have chances to visit those buildings that built before and after the War. The Stamford Hill Escorts has experts that study of western history. We shall guide you for the trip and help to explain the history with you.