Southgate Escorts

Based on the Southgate, the Southgate Escorts provide a comprehensive escort service for you and your loved one. We offer services such as the transportation, booking tickets and hotels. With our help, you shall save much time and spend more time to enjoy your vacation.

Southgate is the region in the London Borough of Enfield in North London, which is near the Charing Cross. The name of Southgate means the south gate to Enfield Chase.

Southgate has the famous Southgate tube station which is the important interchange in London. With the tube station, it is convenient for people to visit Southgate, and also for the residents and economy developments. If you are interested in joining the local tour from the Southgate Escorts, we will make use of the Southgate tube station, because it can save much time from you. With our help, you can also take the railway with our discount tickets.

There are a lot of green parks in the Southgate, such as the Grovelands Park, which have ninety-two arces with beautiful lake. Although Grovelands Park now is a public park, it originally was a private estate. The park includes a wooded area, which has a pumped stream, abundant grassed area including football pitches and its related facilities, playground and pavilion. It is now very hard to find green spaces in the world. Therefore, you are encouraged to visit the Grovelands Park and enjoy the relax atmosphere in the Southgate.

Southgate has a famous church, called the Christ Church in the Waterfall Road. In 1862, Sir Gilbert Scott designed and built the Christ Church, which was made of stone and comprised of spire and tower. You can find the clock on the church, which was placed to celebrate the Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. In 2008, the Christ Church has been renovated. The Minchenden Oak is near the Christ Church, which is the largest oak tree in England. Therefore, in addition to visit the Grovelands Park, you can also try to visit the Christ Church, understanding the long history, and enjoy the historical buildings. The Southgate Escorts is happy to guide you during the trip. We can arrange the transportation from the hotel to the Christ Church, and introduce the history and background of the Christ Church.

In addition to the long history of Southgate, she now has modern aspects. In 1961, some enthusiasts in New Barnet formed the Southgate College Symphony Orchestra. It became a formal organization in 1997. In 2005, the Orchestra was transformed as an independent organization from the Southgate College, renaming itself as the Southgate Symphony Orchestra. Now, it is a famous orchestra that has performances in Dvořák, Beethoven and Weber. Therefore, the Southgate is not just for the natural scene. She also has some energetic features for you to visit. You are suggested to bring your loved one, your family to listen the music from the Southgate Symphony Orchestra, and try to feel the relax atmosphere from the Southgate. The Southgate Escorts is happy to arrange the tickets for you.