Seven Sisters Escorts

Seven Sisters Escorts is a professional escort company with comprehensive services, such as accommodation, transportation, arranging local tours, etc. Those services are important for you to visit the Seven Sisters. Since our home is in the Seven Sisters, we know where is the best location for you to visit, which restaurants are the best, anything you need to be aware.

Seven Sisters is part of the London Borough of Haringey in North London, which is located at the east end of Seven Sisters Road. The name is come from the seven elms, planting in a circle and with a walnut tree at their center. The seven elms were plant in Page Green.

Why the Seven Sisters was famous? The local historian and vicar William Bedwell worked with a book called Brief Description of Tottenham. The book mentioned the Seven Sisters as popularly associated with the burning of an unknown Protestant. Someone also said that the trees were from the Roman times, which was ancient. The trees were in a sacred grove. Yes, you are right. All people who visit the Seven Sisters must go to visit the trees. They would like to feel the wonderful from the trees, and understand her long history.

The trees in the Seven Sisters have long history. The oldest history of the location of the seven trees can be found in 1619. Nowadays, the seven trees are not in her original location, which have been replanted in 1876, because of urbanization. The trees are still in Page Green, but moved to the east. Although the location changed, the trees are still the same. You are encouraged to arrange a trip to the area and understand the culture. The Seven Sisters Escorts is happy to arrange a local tour, picking you up from the hotel. With our experts in Seven Sisters, we would help you to understand the history of the Seven Sisters, so you will not get loss.

Nowadays, Seven Sisters is the area with multi-culture. Strong with its location on underground rail routes and key road, many people love to move this area, and the residents in the Seven Sisters easily communicate with others. Therefore, there are a lot of stores for people to do shopping. There is an early-Edwardian department store building just above the tube station. The building also has the Wards Corner, which is an indoor market with Latin American style. Therefore, the Seven Sisters is not just trees. There are also some shopping areas for you.

The Seven Sisters is featuring with the annual street party, organized by the Clyde Area Residents Association (CARA). The Fountain Area Residents Association (FARA) also covers residents in Kirkton Road, Seaford Road, Roslyn Road, Elmar Road, Brunel Walk, Turner Avenue, Braemar Road and Avenue Road.  If you have chances, you shall join their annual street party. You cannot find such party in other area in the world. The Seven Sisters Escorts is pleased to arrange everything for you, especially booking the hotels in such peak season.