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The name of Archway came from the Archway Bridge built between Hornsey and Highgate in 1896. The bridge was later replaced by Hornsey Lane Bridge. Originally, it was planned to build a tunnel of the Highgate bypass, which shall join the Great North Road by preventing from the steep Highgate Hill road, and narrow and reduce roads of Highgate village. However, since there was repeated collapses, the plan to have the tunnel turned down. In the nineteenth century, John Nash designed the first bridge. The first bridge was demolished in 1901.The current bridge which is also named as “Suicide Bridge”.

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In Archway, the most attractive building is the Whittington Hospital, which is named by Richard Whittington. The hospital is at the Highgate Hill. In addition, there is a world class music venue, the Archway Tavern. The music venue is famous because it is the location for the cover of album Muswell Hillbillies, from the Kinks in 1971. The landmark of the Archway is the Archway Tower. All the famous attractions can be easily reached, and you are encouraged to visit those locations with your loved one and your family. The Archway Escorts is good to arrange the local tour to those areas, including the transportation, restaurants, tickets, etc. Those services shall definitely help to save your time in the vacation, sometimes, you can save money by introducing you the discount tickets.

There is a lot of unban area in Archway, however, there is also some green spaces and parks, such as Hillrise Park, Archway Park, Dartmouth Park, Sunnyside Gardens, Elthorne Park, Crouch Hill Park, Waterlow Park, Foxham Gardens, Whittington Park and Tufnell Park Playing Fields. On the north of Archway, there is the Parkland Walk. Several green spaces are also included in the Girdlestone, Cardinals Way, Miranda and Elthorne Estates. Since there is a lot of green spaces and parks in Archway, it could help to provide a relax atmosphere for you to enjoy the vacation. Breathing the fresh air in the parks and looking the green leaves in the green spaces, you will forget the huge working pressure. The Archway Escorts is the best escort to provide a comprehensive service to you, including local tour, transportation, accommodation, tickets. We can help to prepare all the things for your trip, and you can spend more time to enjoy the attractions in the Archway.